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          Haven’t shared your decision with us yet? Please take a moment to do so on your 应用程序状态页面. This page will also serve as a checklist for next steps, including online orientation and important dates. 


          Your $450 non-refundable 研究生确认存款 will secure your place in our incoming class. 该 amount is applied toward tuition for your first semester.



          Please note: If you are planning to attend, you are required to submit a $450 tuition deposit to confirm your enrollment.

          • 提交您的FAFSA

            How do you plan to pay for graduate school? If you are a domestic student, we recommend that you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.ed.gov. Your FAFSA results determine your eligibility for federal student loans and for Federal Work Study positions, and it can be useful to have these options on file. 


          • 提交所需文件

            Before you can start classes at Columbia, we will require a few documents:

            • 提交您的免疫记录
            • 提交您的正式成绩单复印件(如适用)
          • 计划你的举动

            Are you new to the Chicago area, and looking for apartments here for the first time? This 毕业搬迁指南 旨在帮助您浏览租赁过程。 

          • 留与我们联系
          • 连接与您的新同学

            Want to meet your cohort? Looking for a roommate? Interested in learning about what current students and alumni are up to? Be sure to "like" 哥伦比亚大学的毕业生的Facebook 页面,并按照我们 推特


          If accepted for admission, international students must also submit the following, as applicable, as soon as possible after receiving their decision letter.

          学生金融服务 网站。
        • Your financial documents should either be in your name or the name of your sponsor, if appropriate.
        • If your sponsor is providing you with free room and board, then you are exempt from having to provide documentation of the "Room and Board" portion of the Cost of Attendance.
        • 你有一个赞助商?


          You must also submit a completed Affidavit of Sponsor Providing Free Room & Board:

        • 完成移民前转移核销单*

          *移民预转印验证形式 如果您目前在美国只应完成在F-1签证。

        • 审查国际研究生包

          本详细指南 概述保证或转移学生签证的过程。

        • After submitting the confirmation deposit and the required documents above, international applicants should begin the process of securing a visa and planning travel.


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